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What are aquatic macroinvertebrates? Their role in food webs and use as bioindicators!

These tiny critters may seem unremarkable, or even “icky”. However, aquatic macroinvertebrates play important roles in aquatic ecosystems.

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10 pond activities to try in your classroom!

Ponds are an amazing place to teach children about ecology, biodiversity, and wildlife. Here are 10 fun pond activity ideas to try out with your students! I hope these lesson ideas help you have a great pond field trip or pond unit study with your class.

Amazing Wildlife Sustainability and Conservation

Aquatic Insects: identification, examples, and use as bioindicators

If you flip over a few rocks in the shallow water at any healthy pond or stream, you’re sure to see a few aquatic insects! Many aquatic insects are the larvae or nymphs of well-known flying insects, like dragonflies and mayflies! They begin their lives in the water, then emerge from the surface of the […]