Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I purchase your educational resources and art prints?

A: Currently, my complete collection is available on Etsy and TpT. I also sell my learning units in my shop on this website.

Q: Do you do custom illustrations?

A: Yes! I specialize in creating scientifically-accurate watercolor, and mixed-media illustrations and incorporating them into diagrams and educational/informational materials. My style is a great match for animal or plant guidebooks, textbooks, research publications, educational materials, and children’s books. You can view more of my artwork in my portfolio. Please contact me to discuss your illustration or diagram needs, pricing, and timelines.

Q: Are your educational materials for a specific age group?

A: My educational resources are designed with mixed-age group classrooms and universal design in mind. On average, most of my units include a mixture of materials suitable for elementary and middle school, with some units including resources tailored to older and younger learners too.

Please read the product descriptions for more information about individual products.

Q: How can I purchase your complete collection of learning resources?

Yes! You can now purchase all my existing materials in my Curriculum Bundle on Etsy! To stay up to date on my future resource launches, follow me on Instagram or subscribe to my email list!

Q: Do you offer a curriculum subscription?

Not at this time. However, I plan to offer a curriculum subscription in the near future. For now, please subscribe to my emails to stay up to date on new resource launches.

Q: Do you offer free samples?

A: Yes! Please visit my free learning resources page!

Q: How long do your materials take to teach?

A: That will depend on the resource you purchase, your classroom’s age group(s), and your students’ familiarity with the topics. In general:

  • Unit: complete curricula on a specific topic = about 1 week
  • Mini Study: ideal for review or enrichment = about 1 class period
  • Bundle: 3-4 mini studies on related topics = About 3 class periods

Q: How can I learn about upcoming sales, freebies, and new curricula?

A: Follow @WildEarthLab on Instagram or subscribe to my email list to learn about upcoming sales, giveaways, and new resource releases.

Q: Do you sell printed/laminated versions of your learning resources?

A: I do not have product listings for printed/laminated versions in my shop. However, I offer printed/laminated versions upon request. Contact to inquire about turnaround times and pricing.

Q: How many times can I print these learning resources?

A: You may print these materials for personal and single classroom use as many times as you like! Please refrain from reselling, redistributing, sharing, or altering these materials or the artwork within them.

Q: Can I purchase multiple licenses for my school or organization?

A: Absolutely! Reach out to me, Valerie, at for more information about purchasing multiple licenses for your school or organization, or to give as gifts to friends!

Q: Do you offer returns or refunds?

A: At this time, I do not offer returns, refunds, or exchanges on digital items. However, if you experience any issues with your purchase, please contact me at For more information, read my return policy.

Q: Where can I find reference websites and additional online resources related to your curricula?

A: I put together a list of links to additional online resources, reference websites, and more to compliment printable curriculum to go along with each of my printable units. Click here to browse the additional online materials by topic.

Q: Where do you get your artwork?

A: I create all of the artwork in my learning resources myself! To purchase artwork or commission custom illustrations, contact me at

Q: May I use your existing artwork for my project/publication/tattoo, etc.?

A: I’m happy you like my artwork! Please contact me if you are interested in using my artwork in your project. Email to inquire about permission and pricing.

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