Wild Earth Lab is dedicated to creating engaging educational resources related to nature, science, and sustainability ! The natural world is so beautiful and learning about it should be too!

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Wild Earth Lab is dedicated to creating engaging educational resources related to nature, science, and sustainability! The natural world is so beautiful and learning about it should be too!

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Tree Rings: why they form and what scientists can learn from them

You may have noticed the unique rings that appear on tree stumps – and you might even know that you can figure out a tree’s age by counting the rings! But did you know that scientists can use tree growth rings to learn about our past climate and even estimate the date of historic volcanic […]

Mountains and the Water Cycle: the rain shadow effect explained

Here in the Rocky Mountains, we are approaching an important time of the year: spring snow melt! Throughout the winter, snow builds up in the mountains, then when warmer weather comes, it rapidly melts, causing a massive increase in the flows of streams and rivers. The water that starts in the mountains benefits all sorts […]

How Humans Affect the Water Cycle, a Complete Guide

There is no doubt that the water cycle impacts our lives, as humans. Humans, however, impact the water cycle too. Our actions as a species have effects on every step of the water cycle. In this post, let us dive deeper into the ways humans are affecting the water cycle. Although it can be overwhelming […]

Aquatic Ecosystems: How to tell if a pond, stream, or wetland is healthy

In my last post, I shared my experience working as a science technician studying aquatic ecosystems like streams, ponds, and wetlands. These water features are critically important to many ecosystems and the creatures that live there. They also provide us with a lens through which we can glimpse the overall health of an ecosystem. In […]

The Heart of an Ecosystem: Healthy ponds, streams, and wetlands

Perhaps you have noticed that some of the best places in your area to see birds, plants, and other wildlife are near water! Where you find water you usually find an abundance of life! All plants need water to perform photosynthesis, the process plants use to make their own food. A healthy ecosystem with many […]

My Wonderful, Wild Backyard and Ways to Improve Your Yard’s Wildlife Habitat

With the first signs of spring appearing, many of us are looking forward to spending more time enjoying our outdoor living spaces. Spring also means the beginning of yardwork season and time to start new projects in the yard or garden. Maybe you are looking to add more native plants, reduce your water usage, or […]

Five Amazing Alpine Animals to Spot Above Tree Line

In the Rocky Mountains, tree line is around 11,000 to 12,000 feet (3,350 to 3,650 meters) above sea level! Tree line means the elevation where conditions are too harsh for trees to grow, due to low temperatures, high winds, or other environmental factors. For humans, traveling above tree line while hiking, skiing, or mountaineering is […]

An Invitation

Welcome fellow nature lovers and outdoor adventurers. Welcome backyard naturalists, kitchen table scientists, life-long learners. Welcome fellow wonderers and wanderers. I’m glad to see you here. My name is Valerie and I’m a scientist, artist, and avid outdoors woman currently in Colorado, USA. My curiosity about the natural world started at a young age, exploring […]

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