Wild Earth Lab is dedicated to creating engaging educational resources related to nature, science, and sustainability ! The natural world is so beautiful and learning about it should be too!

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Wild Earth Lab is dedicated to creating nature-based STEAM learning materials! The natural world is so beautiful and learning about it should be too!


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Common Landforms: how they form, definitions, and examples

Many forces work together to shape the landscape. Plate tectonics, Vocanic activity, erosion, and deposition work slowly over time to form and change our earth’s surface. All these forces working together create some pretty unique and cool landforms! In this post, we’ll take a closer look at 12 common landforms – what they look like, […]

How to Measure Tree Height: a real-world application of trigonometry and step-by-step guide to make your own inclinometer!

I don’t know about you, but I think math is a lot more interesting when we can apply it to real-world situations! If you’re studying trigonometry, right triangles, or angles, tree height measurements are the perfect applied math activity! In this simple activity you can create your own inclinometer – a device for measuring angle […]

Alphabet of North American Animals

For my recent learning resource pack, I illustrated North American Animals from A to Z! During this project, I reviewed many incredible critters that I studied while earning my degree in Wildlife Biology! I wanted to share more about them with you! Some of these animals are very common, with wide ranges in North America […]

Food Chains vs Food Webs: definitions, differences explained, and examples

In a rush? Click here to skip to printing the free educational Poster! Maybe you’ve studied a little ecology and come across the terms “food chain” and “food web.” Both help ecologists explain the ways that energy from food travels through an ecosystem. In this post, we will dive into the differences between food chains […]

How Humans Affect the Water Cycle, a Complete Guide

In a rush? Skip directly to download the learning activity for this post! In part one of this two-part post on the water cycle, we learned how the water cycle makes life possible for land-dwelling plants and animals, including humans. The water cycle provides the constant source of freshwater that we need to survive. The […]

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