This page includes links to resources to go along with my Pollination Unit! Find the Pollination and other nature-based learning materials in my Shop!

1.) Related freebies from Wild Earth Lab

Unusual pollinators game – directions and cards. Students ask yes/no questions to identify the pollinators taped to their backs.

3.) Pollinator Research Project: suggested resources (external links)

  • The Center for Plant Conservation has a great database of pollinators and the plants they pollenate. This can be helpful when selecting a pollinator to research for this project.
  • The Xerces Society offers informational handouts about native plants and pollinators for various regions within the United States. Use it to find pollinators in your region!
  • I created a list of Department of Wildlife websites for each US state. You can use your state’s websites to find information about wildlife in your area, and in many cases this includes info on native pollinator species.
  • The US Forest Service offers information on different types of animal pollinators, by category (bees, birds, etc…).

4.) Additional reference websites (external links)

5.) Additional activity ideas and lesson plans for instructors/parents (external links)

6.) Related units from Wild Earth Lab

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