Waterfowl & Waterbirds

This page includes links to resources to go along with my Waterfowl & Waterbirds Unit! Find the Waterbirds & Waterfowl unit and other nature-based learning materials in my Shop!

A note on respecting wildlife: As you complete this unit, I hope you are able to get outside and observe waterfowl in their natural habitat. As you do so, please remember that feeding ducks, geese, and other waterbirds can make them ill, pollute their habitat, and alter these wild animals’ natural behaviors. Please, do not feed waterbirds.

1.) Free waterbird activities and lesson plans – for educators (external links)

Origami Waterbirds
  • The National Crane Foundation‘s instructions for folding Origami Cranes – with printable directions and a video!
  • Fold an Origami Swan – with this video from Origami Plus – Easy Origami Tutorials on YouTube!
  • How to Fold an Origami Duck – with this easy tutorial from WikiHow
  • Up for a challenge? This advanced Origami Goose by origami artist Jo Nakashima is incredible!
Waterbird Art
Bird Stories and Books
Duck Calling
Bird Beaks Labs

A bird beaks lab guide and worksheets are included in the Waterfowl and Waterbirds Unit. However, here are some other variations on a bird beak lab; including free lesson plans and activity guides.

Go Bird Watching
Other Bird Activities and Lessons

3.) References (external links)

These include reference websites and books I used to fact check the information within the Waterfowl and Waterbirds Unit and other helpful online resources. Use the links below to enjoy the wealth of information these references have to offer!

General Bird Info Websites:
  • The Audubon website’s search bar can help you find info on many different birds: 
  • The Cornell Lab’s All About Birds is another great website for info on birds
  • USGS’s Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter has information to help identify North American birds
  • Your local Department of Natural Resources website is a great place to learn about waterbirds in your area! Here is a list of DNR websites by state for the U.S.
Waterbird and Waterfowl-specific Webpages:
Beaks and Feet:
Canada Goose Info:

4.) Related units from Wild Earth Lab

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