Tree Frogs

green frog
A green tree frog

This page includes links to resources to go along with my Tree Frog Unit. Find the Tree Frog Unit and other nature-based STEM units in my Shop!

1.) Fold a jumping frog video tutorial

  • If you live in the U.S., your state parks and wildlife website is a great place to start. I’ve put together a list of state websites for you here.
  • The Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute website has info on amphibian species, including some common tree frogs.
  • Amphibia Web is a great frog resource for older students.
  • Amphibian species of the world, from the American Natural History Museum.

3.) Learn more about tree frogs (external links)

  • Listen to Sound Recordings of various frog species, from the Smithsonian.
  • Great background info on tree frogs, from the National Wildlife Federation.
  • North Carolina Zoo’s jumping activity – a great way to build even further upon the math activities from the Tree Frog unit.
  • An article about tree frog biomimicry and tire tread!

4.) More from Wild Earth Lab

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