This page includes links to resources to go along with my Mammals Unit! Find the Mammals Unit and other nature-based learning materials in my Shop!

1.) Mammal Research Project: suggested resources (external links)

  • I created a list of Department of Wildlife websites for each US state. These websites usually include info on native species. States with deserts include Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, California, and Utah (these states also contain other biomes, so make sure to pick a desert animal).
  • Websites for National Parks, State Parks, and other Natural Areas often have information on local species, including Mammals. Find the website for a park near you. Or, as an example, see these mammal pages from the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Great Basin National Park, and Rocky Mountain National Park
  • The Mammal Society has pages with info on a variety of UK mammal species.
  • The National Wildlife Federation has a list of US mammals by category
  • View the mammals category in this animal database – from the San Diego Zoo website

3.) Additional lesson plans and free activities – for educators (external links)

4.) References (external links)

These include reference websites, books, and materials I used to fact check the information within the Mammals Unit as well as websites you may find helpful when gathering background information on this unit’s topic. Use the links below to enjoy the wealth of information these references have to offer!

For the Mammals Unit, I also used an OpenAI tool to assist with editing my writing to ensure all text was at an appropriate level for an elementary school-aged child:

5.) More units from Wild Earth Lab

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